Breaking The – No Bugs November – Chain

OPENSOURCE - Through thick and thin It probably looked like it was going to be almost no bugs solved this month, as I have been working countless hours in my new job [more information about that soon], and giving so less time to working with Mozilla. ( Although, I still created new issues of bugs … Continue reading Breaking The – No Bugs November – Chain

From Solving Bugs To Finding Them – And proposing a fix as well

The Open Source Journey - Continued The "Outreachy Season" is here, and since I'm not an applicant, I wasn't able to contribute to my favorite repository Taskcluster as much as I'd have liked, because all issues were now reserved for outreachy applicants. "TOO BAD", I thought to myself. But that wasn't going to stop me … Continue reading From Solving Bugs To Finding Them – And proposing a fix as well

The Depths Of ES-Lint

Not long before, in my usual quest of discovering new Open Source Repositories, and finding somewhere I can learn, improve and contribute to, I came across treeherder. Treeherder - A system for managing CI data for Mozilla projects.A repository, that could be overwhelming for someone to contribute to, especially if you're getting started with Open … Continue reading The Depths Of ES-Lint

Everything You Need To Know About React.StrictMode

Strict Mode in React StrictMode is a tool for highlighting potential problems in an application. Like Fragment, StrictMode does not render any visible UI. It activates additional checks and warnings for its descendants. Note: Strict mode checks are run in development mode only; they do not impact the production build. HOW TO DO IT - import React from 'react'; function … Continue reading Everything You Need To Know About React.StrictMode

Playing Around With Z-Index

In my quest to find & squash more bugs in Mozilla, I stumbled across Firefox Profiler — Web app for Firefox performance analysis. Browsing through the issues, looking around for a bug that's ready and has no one assigned, I came across this one - Screenshot preview is overlaying permalink #1274.The problem was - Screenshots of … Continue reading Playing Around With Z-Index