Mastering The Basics Of Elastic Search – in ONE day [PART – 1]


For a project that I’m about to take up, I need to dive deep into Elastic Search, and learn more than just the basics, I want to write complex queries with Elastic Search and have a really fast search engine prepared, by tomorrow morning.

I have about 10-12 hours with me, and not only do I need to learn about it, I also want to give a presentation on how and why we might want to use it, what elastic cloud package will suit our needs best, and how to proceed with development of other aspects of the project in relation to Elastic Search.

I am excited and all pumped up to start learning this. I have collected various resources, articles that I’ll keep linking along with this article!

So make sure to stick around, till the very end.

Now two things I want to make clear:

  1. This is no claim that I will become an advanced user of Elastic Search, (although I might), but I am sure what we will achieve in the end is a deep learning experience that will open many possibilities in the future.
  2. The plan is to only learn Elastic Search, and not Elastic Stack as a whole. Elastic Search has some really interesting features that need their own learning time, and we want to respect that fact.

It’s showtime.

To kick off, let’s watch this super high rated course on Udemy:


More parts will follow!

Written with love,
Rishabh Budhiraja

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