Breaking The – No Bugs November – Chain

OPENSOURCE – Through thick and thin

It probably looked like it was going to be almost no bugs solved this month, as I have been working countless hours in my new job [more information about that soon], and giving so less time to working with Mozilla. ( Although, I still created new issues of bugs I found, and did make some possible PRs).

Well, it was time to break the cycle.

So, here is a new day with a new bug. It looks like it deals with localStorage variable offered by Javascript is going to solve this one, but more information about that when I look into it.

The bug is :

The Issue

So, filters are being lost from [possibly] the redux store when the page is being refreshed.

I have been looking forward to working with LocalStorage and Redux.

Time to do that now!

Part 2 of this blog coming up soon! As soon as I solve the issue!

See you soon!

Written with love,
Rishabh Budhiraja

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